Even more berries!

The poor raspberry plants, of which we started with 6 red and 3 or 4 golden, have become a terrifying thicket,  and several of the plants have collapsed from the weight of the berries.

While I was out relieving the plants of their tasty, tasty burden, one of our neighbors stopped by with his two (ridiculously adorable) kids and asked what I was picking – none of them had ever heard of or tasted a golden raspberry.  Aaron seemed ok with them, the kids would cheerfully have wrestled me to the ground and absconded with the bowl of berries if given half a chance.

Even after feeding the kids enough berries to completely ruin their dinners, I ended up with 2lbs 9.3 ounces (1171 grams) of golden raspberries, 9 grams of red raspberries, and 2lbs 9.8 ounces (1185 grams) of strawberries.

The rest of the garden is coming along very, very slowly.  Half of the beets have bolted and will have to be replanted, all of the bok choy has bolted, and everything else is just tiny so far.  The carrots never bothered to come up at all.  Ver’ sad, that.

And, because I can’t be arsed to go get my camera and take a picture of the bounty of berries, here’s a picture of a cat (since that’s what the internet is for, right?), specifically Matt’s parents’ cat Strider:

Watching my garden grow

(not unlike watching paint dry, really, but still…)

First there was grass.  There are no pictures of that.  Grass is boring.

Then there was no grass:

lawn removed

no more lawn

Followed by A Crapton Of Dirt (oh! hey!  if you’re in Seattle and you need some dirt delivered?  Talk to Don.   He was absolutely wonderful, and his prices and policies are completely reasonable.)

giant pile of dirt in the driveway

giant dirt pile, with menfolk

Some aggressive rototilling followed, once half of the dirt was in place:

flowers mangled by rototiller

flowers, as mangled by rototiller

(*sniff*! bye bye, flowers!)

Then there was the sad interlude when my 18 year old Kitchenaid mixer finally gave up the ghost.  It might be fixable, and I’ll be taking it apart next weekend to see, but still?  SADNESS.

Kitchenaid mixer, finally dead after 18 years

sad kitchenaid

And then! Garden! A story in thumbnail form:

double delight rose long shot of garden raspberry bed street view of garden new jasmine plant on arbor icelandic poppy lavender plants neighbor's golden retriever

coming together, bit by bit

cedar trellis for passion flowers and jasmine

new cedar trellis

(Gratuitous happy dog belongs to the neighbors)  The two flats of lavender came from a really REALLY nice neighbor.

Now there are (finally!) sprouty bits!  (sweet peas, beets, beets, radishes, beans, beans, peas, nasturtiums)

sweet pea sprouts beet sprouts beet sprouts radish sprouts
bean sprouts bean sprouts pea sprouts nasturtium sprouts

garden sprouts, finally!

The rest of the things that got planted (different peas, artichokes, broccoli, leeks, garlic chives, mystery oniony-thing, celery, kohl rabi, and rainbow chard) are all doing really well except for the peas, which seem to be Not Happy.  While they’re technically growing, the leaves have turned an odd shade of yellow, with reddish edges.  Doesn’t look good.  Nope, not at all.

Still have the raspberries and blueberries to procure and plant, and the cilantro, sage, and peonies to get into the ground.  Other than that?  It’s all about the waiting.  Which I’m not good at.  Not even a little bit good at.  Nope.  Not good.