My new favorite beach

Not being one for tropical anything, the beach at White Rock suits me just fine.

We managed to hit it at almost slack tide, so there were lots and lots of herons about, none of whom seemed particularly afraid of us or the many dogs that were all over the place.

blue heron in flight

Blue Heron

two herons coming in to land

two herons coming in for a landing

O spent a great deal of time crouched down taking pictures of things Very Close up

O taking pictures

O taking pictures

On top of the excellent trip to the beach, there was some actual finished knitting. No, really. Duck from Knitty, done up in some Socks That Rock in an orange colorway the label for which I lost ages ago. Not Sun Drops, though, that much i know for sure.

duck booties

duck booties

We tried to get the cat to sit still and have his picture taken with them on. This is about as still as Looshkin gets when being held, though:

Looshkin has no appreciation for knitting

Looshkin has no appreciation for knitting

Gir, though, was much more cooperative, though he had to be held, since the booties are slippery and his feet wouldn’t stay under him.

Gir, as duck

Gir rockin' the duck socks

And on top of all that, there was some much needed time away spent with excellent friends, and tons of tasty food. TONS. Seriously. Cake, two different kinds of bread, soup made from the leeks in the garden, spinach pie, and the leek flower buds grilled with some olive oil and salt, plus lots of really good coffee and tasty cinnamon buns. I was skeptical of that one, but ZOMG. So good. Seriously.