Old News

We pulled out the last few pieces of nasty old linoleum from the shed* this afternoon, and found pieces of old newspaper glued under some of it. The internet being chock full of crazy information, we were able to figure out that these date to some point in the early-mid 1940s from the horse racing results.

The second horse listed here, Lavengro, was apparently fairly well known back in the day. Pedigree info was found here: http://www.pedigreequery.com/lavengro. And info on two of the jockeys who rode in that race was found here and here. That’s just what a couple of minutes with Google turned up. Neat stuff.

*and by “shed” we mean “strange, largish building in the back yard that was built by drunken monkeys”. Soon it will be my studio space. Sooooooon.