What’s the message here?

Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Technology, day 1:
The swag bag:
The bag itself: shiny.

The stuff:
More pens than I’ll need for the next couple of years

3 screen cleaners

2 notebooks and a pad of post-its

1 water bottle

The pile of “women will like this” stuff:

* 3 mirrors (4 if you count the one in the hairbrush, 1 of which arrived shattered)
* a purse hook (it took three of us to figure out what this thing was)
* wildflower seeds
* a jelly watch
* a nail kit (with file, clippers, scissors, and tweezers)
* a folding hairbrush (with mirror inside)
Plus two bottles of nail polish and two lip balms from vendor booths.

And the Pile of Incredibly Random Stuff:

* paper airplane
* beer cozy (diet soda cozy?)
* beer can opener (diet soda opener?)
* tiny miniature backpack iPod holder? (seriously, I have no idea wtf that one is)
* 2 desk cell phone holder/stands