Few things are more satisfying

Than the THUNK! of a canning jar sealing itself. A close second is the sound of the vacuum being broken when you open a jar of summery goodness in the dead of winter.

I realized about two weeks ago that I was, of all things, completely out of jam. COMPLETELY out. IPE! Panic! Panic!

So, now my kitchen counter is covered in jars, and The Jam Shelves are no longer naked. See?




This morning it was apricot, strawberry, and strawberry/apricot to add to The Jam Shelves. Last week it was bing cherry, strawberry, raspberry, and loganberry/raspberry, along with watermelon rind pickles and bing cherries in wine.

The two bigger jars at the front are pickles from my friend Elana. She? Is a kitchen GODDESS. Seriously. She makes the best pickles in all the land. And wicked good feta. Just how over-the-top amazing are her pickles? Aside from being unbelievably tasty, they are guffaw-inducingly named, and, I kid you not, sometimes cut into little shapes before being stuffed in the jar. Enclicken the pic to embiggen that sucker and look at the beets. Seriously. Look closely.
Toldja. WAY cooler than I’ll ever be. Girl crush!

Edit: I’ve just noticed that the pics in this post look all jacked up in Firefox. I have NO idea why (it could just be this computer, but in IE they look much more like the originals, but even there they’re darker). Who knows.