Pickled WHAT?!

Grapes, people. Pickled GRAPES. Seriously! Also? The internets are proven, once again, to be a very small place.


There’s this (really quite lovely) food blog that I read regularly called Smitten Kitchen. (the rhubarb crumb cake and polenta pizza recipes are staples around here now) The woman who writes it occasionally refers to a friend of hers named Molly, who just had a book published. I assumed from the way she talked about her friend that they lived close to each other, and I know that the SK author lives in New York. Silly me.

SK posted about pickled grapes a week or so ago, mentioning that the recipe she based hers off of was out of her friend Molly’s new book. The recipe looked interesting and easy, and, as I am prone to doing, I googled to see what other variations might be out there.

The first hit google returned was to an NPR interview with Molly about the book, and the origin of the pickled grapes recipe turned out to be…. a restaurant next door to my office.

So small, those internets!