What’s the message here?

Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Technology, day 1:
The swag bag:
The bag itself: shiny.

The stuff:
More pens than I’ll need for the next couple of years

3 screen cleaners

2 notebooks and a pad of post-its

1 water bottle

The pile of “women will like this” stuff:

* 3 mirrors (4 if you count the one in the hairbrush, 1 of which arrived shattered)
* a purse hook (it took three of us to figure out what this thing was)
* wildflower seeds
* a jelly watch
* a nail kit (with file, clippers, scissors, and tweezers)
* a folding hairbrush (with mirror inside)
Plus two bottles of nail polish and two lip balms from vendor booths.

And the Pile of Incredibly Random Stuff:

* paper airplane
* beer cozy (diet soda cozy?)
* beer can opener (diet soda opener?)
* tiny miniature backpack iPod holder? (seriously, I have no idea wtf that one is)
* 2 desk cell phone holder/stands



Jennifer Billig is an absolutely amazing artist.  Amazing.  Seriously.  Anyone who can take a vague description and a call-phone photo of a headstone, and turn it into *exactly* what I had in my head is exactly that: amazing.

Stage one of The Big-Ass Tattoo is done.  I’m due to go back in September for part of the shading and color, and then again in December for the rest of it.  Hopefully it will all be finished before the end of the year, but we shall see how that goes.

Roughly one hour into the actual inky bit we were up to the elbow, and I was feelin’ fine.  Just fine.

Dogwood tattoo at the first break

Dogwood tattoo at the first break

At hour 3 or so we had the whole arm done, and I was still feeling pretty chipper, although freezing my arse off:

Dogwood tattoo, second break

Dogwood tattoo, second break

Then we did the shoulders and the upper back, and that was pretty much when my body decided it had definitely had enough:

Dogwood tatto, the final hour

Dogwood tatto, the final hour

That last bit was absolutely brutal, which really surprised me, but the entire outline is done, which should be the worst of it, right?

I love it.  Looooooove it.  Love.   Also?  I’m now covered in beeeees!