Laughing at my own exhaustion

The last few weeks around here have been incredibly tiring.  Some of it has been exciting and good, some has just been frustrating and stupid.

I hadn’t quite realized just how tired I was, though, until a few moments ago when O handed me a hand-written note that had something underlined in it, and I tried to click the link.

Le sigh.


Our neighbors are a bit touched

They decorate for every holiday.

Every. Single. Holiday.

These were taken just after (on?) Memorial Day.  They’ve left it up as a solid foundation for the 4th of July.  It may or may not be left up for Labor Day, and immediately after Labor Day, they’ll start putting up the halloween stuff.  Every inch of the front half of the house (including the roof), the front lawn, the parking strip, and the tree on the parking strip will be decorated.