“If you sell that picture I’ll sue you”

Said the potter at the farmer’s market as I took this picture.

She followed that up with several iterations of “I’m totally kidding”.   She was actually quite nice, and we ended up buying a set of bowls from her.

I found it really odd that the Bellingham farmers market would put two potters immediately next to each other, both in an area that isn’t freestanding booths, but just vendors tucked in under a roof, so there’s not a lot of visual cues to one vendor’s space ending and another beginning.  This one was fairly obvious – one of the potters was good, the other was much better.

The rest of the market is pretty typical farmers market fare, with only a few standout booths.  I still like the Ballard and U-district markets better, but Bellingham is fun, and breakfast with dad at the Daisy Cafe is worth the trip north.

Our neighbors are a bit touched

They decorate for every holiday.

Every. Single. Holiday.

These were taken just after (on?) Memorial Day.  They’ve left it up as a solid foundation for the 4th of July.  It may or may not be left up for Labor Day, and immediately after Labor Day, they’ll start putting up the halloween stuff.  Every inch of the front half of the house (including the roof), the front lawn, the parking strip, and the tree on the parking strip will be decorated.

Shooting every day

I’ve started carrying my camera with me at all times, which has led to a couple of amusing moments when cops or the Seattle ambassador people assume I’m a tourist.  It has also meant that for the last week or so, I’ve gotten to take pictures all over the place.

I assume I’ll eventually run out of things to take pictures of on my daily walks at lunch, although who knows – every day gives different light and different weather, so things always look a little bit different.

Today we got a short break in the POURING rain, so we ran out to Sketchy Pho*, and I got in a few pictures on the way there.

*we have no idea what the name of the pho place is – but it’s the remaining open business in a building that is otherwise abandoned and falling down.


Covered in bees

There are very few lawns in our neighborhood – almost everyone has replaced them with flower or vegetable gardens.  There isn’t much grass, much to the dog’s disappointment, but there are lots, and lots of bees.  On an average evening walk we will see at least three different kinds of bumblebees, tons of honey bees (pretty sure there are at least a couple of people who have hives within a couple blocks of us), mason bees, and assorted other little winged pollinators.

Note to self: getting up close and personal with a giant lavender bush covered in bees to take pictures will result in me being covered in bees.

Bonus funky plant:

Party Boobytrap*

Lunch-hour walk down an alley in Pioneer Square.

Safer than you’d think!  Also?  Palindromes in moss.

(ok, so this one is a bad example…  there are others in which the moss is actually growing. I swear)

*In the <a href=”http://www.flickr.com/photos/secretqllama/sets/72157629959438384/”>flickr set</a> from today’s walk.