Shooting every day

I’ve started carrying my camera with me at all times, which has led to a couple of amusing moments when cops or the Seattle ambassador people assume I’m a tourist.  It has also meant that for the last week or so, I’ve gotten to take pictures all over the place.

I assume I’ll eventually run out of things to take pictures of on my daily walks at lunch, although who knows – every day gives different light and different weather, so things always look a little bit different.

Today we got a short break in the POURING rain, so we ran out to Sketchy Pho*, and I got in a few pictures on the way there.

*we have no idea what the name of the pho place is – but it’s the remaining open business in a building that is otherwise abandoned and falling down.


Party Boobytrap*

Lunch-hour walk down an alley in Pioneer Square.

Safer than you’d think!  Also?  Palindromes in moss.

(ok, so this one is a bad example…  there are others in which the moss is actually growing. I swear)

*In the <a href=””>flickr set</a> from today’s walk.